raidho (RAH-eed-Ho)

The rune Raidho refers primarily to motion, transportation, and journeys. It reveals the proper way to proceed in situations. It also illuminates what paths one should take in life.
Journey, Road, travel, shamanistic, new direction

berkano (BEAR-kawn-O)

The Berkano rune meaning refers to a direct reference to the Birch tree. For anyone who may be unfamiliar with it, the Birch Tree contains mythological symbolism for the themes of youth and regeneration.
Also representing the funeral mounds, Berkano represents rebirth after destruction.
renewal, healing, recovery, regeneration


always ruler, sole ruler, eternal ruler
from the components ei, meaning "ever," and ríkr, "rule." It was adopted by English speakers in the mid-nineteenth century, who were already familiar with the exploits of the tenth century Viking navigator and discoverer of Greenland, Eric the Red. Erik is an alternate spelling and the preferred form of the name across much of Europe.

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