a mothers reckoning

very heartwarming and gutwrenching, yet sad to see that eric is still the scapegoat. Its a coping mechanism for sure and I value Sue a lot. Its just disheartening to see that she was so willing to forgive her son and not eric, when they did this together..

we need to talk about kevin

a bit slow at times but gives a beautiful insight in how erics and dylans families might have felt, altough it is a different story. (still a school shooting, and probabl inspired by columbine yet different.)Interesting to read how the mother falls apart, picks herself together only to fall apart again a few chapters later. Normally not a great fan on fiction novels but this was worth it.


do i even need to say something? The worst book, not only because of how he portrayed eric but how he managed to be so consistently boring, while writing about such an interesting topic. The first few pages are only him describing what he had to delete from the book because of all the lies anf fake informaftion. That can happen, sure but if you write a book maybe research a tad more.
His theory on eric is backed up by nothing. he talks about how you can /see/ a psychopath cause their brain works differently and if we had a look into erics brain we would see that he was a psychopath. Besides the fact that the diagnosis of psychopaty is often questioned, we do not have a brain scan, therefore we can not say that eric was or was no a psychopath. And even if his brain scan would show us something, that doesnt have to mean something. nurture over nature.
It was frustrating to read, horrible composition, many false information and written in a rush. I woud never ever ever read that book again. It did nothing for me

why kids kill

Im a great fan of Peter Langman, as his insight into Columbine and school shootings differs from the rest of the research community. he might be a bit hard on eric but hes way better than the rest. I dont have much to say but i really enjoyed this. So much that i bought his second book too

school shooters

another book by peter langman. i also enjoyed this one a lot. Great composition, i think i read it within one or two days. Of course langman still hold on to the psychopath stereotype but he does it in such a refreshing and nice way that i cannot be mad at him. After all he is a Professional and his reasoning is very well explained, as he differs psychopathy into different subcategories while also explaining that it isnt a real diagnosis. As well as in his other book, he talks about different shootings, the shooters and what might have lead to their actions.

no easy answers

I do not like brooks. Never did, never will, however this book isn't as bad as many people make it out to be. Sure he obviously prefers dylan over eric, yet its an insight that we haven't gotten before. Especially the first chapters really did it for me, when he talked about how the media and videogames didn't influence them, as they didn't influence him. Violence in media, music and video games can only work cause there is a desire for them. There is a demand, They don't cause violence they play into what the people crave.
That statement wasn't new or revolutionary to me, yet interesting to hear from him, considering he then went on to hate eric in the following chapters. It doesn't make sense because for all we know, dylan did not care. if it wasnt for eric brooks would be dead today. But who am I to say. The book was alright. not great but a sweet insight into their life, especially dylans

the journals of eric harris and dylan klebold

the only reason, why this book doesn't get 10/10 is because the publisher made a few mistakes, other than that its fantastic. obviously its only their journals and a few drawings here and there but thats all i wanted. i dont need someone to tell me what to think of eric and dylan when i can obviously make up my mind myself. started reading the book wanting to dislike eric but i couldn't and i fell absolutely in love with them both. The book is structured quite well as it shows their writings on the left and them transcribed on the right in case you cant read their handwriting. also contains a transcript of the basement tapes in the end. an absolute must read for everyone interested in the case.

the writings of eric harris and dylan klebold

This book is HUGE. Like gigantic, i was absolutely stunned when i received it in the mail. the difference between this one and the previous one is that this version contains more content. they have erics internet writings as well as their school work. I read this within a few hours because it was so fascinating.

warning signs: identifying school shooters before they strike

classical peter langman book. its his third and i really like the way he structures his books and the way he presents different kinds of shooters. this book is a bit different from his previous ones simply because this one is meant to be read by teachers, law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, parents, students and anyone else who wants to catch school shooters before they strike. he said a oot of stuff i was able to resonate with just as: "many people admire the columbine killers but have no intention of commiting their own attacks. Admiration, by itself might not be a warning sign" or "these are not ordinary kids who were bullied into retaliation. these are not ordinary kids who played too many video games. these are not ordinary kida who just wanted to be famous. these are simply not ordinary kids ". the sentence that struck me the most was "On april 9, 1999, a bunch of friends took eric out to dinner for his birthday. eleven days later, eric and dylan became mass murderers" because for some reason, although i always knew that, it is such an interesting point to make and a nice Perspective. great book (as usual)

serial killes in heaven and victims in hell

This book is not at all waht i expected when i first got it. I didn't bother to read the discription as the title had me hooked. the author is super religious which made me mad at first but if u are able to read past that and in between the lines it is quite fascinating. the author is in contact with multiple killers, school shooters, everything and everyone really and its absolutely amazing to see how much empathy he has for them.

still need to read

evidence ignored, what you might not know about columbine - rita gleeson
comics and columbine - tom campbell
Columbine: a true crime story - Jeff Kass

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