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wednesday, march 23rd, 2022

something is coming. ive been waking up during the night again, my body and mind feel on fire and there are so many signs all around me. i dont know whats coming yet but maybe its related to his birthday soon? i dont know

friday, november 19th, 2021

the eclipse is affecting me SO much. my whole body is buzzing.

thursday, october 7th, 2021

everything is shifting into place. everything i see, hear, think I can relate back to this. Its only a matter of time to when this all takes a big turn. With the knowledge im starting to gain now, its even easier to understand and predcit everything. the library has a great collection of spiritual books that might help me on this journey. i feel like all these signs im getting, every dream i have, is a reward. someone telling me i am on the right path. i am starting to understand everything, the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together and i have never felt more alive. everyone around me feels drained and overwhelmed while im buzzing with excitement. THIS is what i am meant to do, where i am meant to be and what i am meant to feel. I don't even think, i just do. its like my instincts have taken over and i just do what the universe is telling me.

wednesday, september 15th, 2021

i keep having dreams with similar signs and symbols in them. what is happening?

tuesday, september 14th, 2021

they wont tell me my role in this, apparently that's something i need to figure out myself. but yesterday has been eventfull with the adam lanza yt channel coming to the surface. this is only the beginning

sunday, september 12th, 2021

Two days ago I got a sign by them and i wanted to take a picture however I was on the highway and it was raining like crazy which is why i was unable to. Yesterday, while grocery shopping I received the same one again. "The universe works in mysterious ways"BULLSHIT! the universe could punch me in my fucking face it would be less obvious than what its doing right now.

saturday, september 11th, 2021

It is not the 11th yet. It is currently 11:52pm and I'm planning on posting this exactly at midnight. I am so proud of you Dyl. I hope you're happy and I hope you will find your peace soon. i wish i could've been there for you but I am trying my best now. You are so wonderful and its heartbreaking you couldn't see that at the time.
I feel bad for forgetting my candles at home but i will celebrate and congratulate on monday when im home. I also CAN NOT forget to bring them with me when i leave. its essential. Again, Dyl, Happy Birthday. 40. Thats a big number. enjoy it. Ily ♥

friday, september 10th, 2021

i'm often left speechless by how the universe decides to show me he cares. The signs i get are so fitting and beautifully put, yet nothing to the unknown eye. One sign i almost missed today if my mom hadn't shown me. my mom. my mom who doesnt know about this, yet knows this would mean something to me. i feel like something is gonna happen but i can not put my finger on it yet.

wednesday, september 8th 2021

Everything is moving so fast suddenly. The world around me is spinning yet I see everything so clearly. It's like I am on fire, I notice the smallest shifts and tiniest details. Like little puzzle pieces everything fits together in the grande scheme of things and I am the one to realise it all. This path is the right one I am convinced. SO much is happening and instead of me being overwhelmed I'm more energetic than ever. It is insane.

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